Who would milk the most?

Steve had been saying on the show for a while that he has always wanted to have a go at milking a cow (he's an odd one!!) so Peter Crawford from Free Range 180 Milk called to invite him and Karen along to Peepy Farm to try their hand at it.

The challenge was set it has to be their weirdest one yet.

Peter has called the show before and named two calves after Steve and Karen so they also got the chance to meet them at the farm.

Watch Steve & Karen (the humans) meet Steve & Karen (the cows):


Free Range 180 Milk is farmed at Peepy Farm right here in the North East using milk from cows grazing outside at grass for 180 days

Launched in October 2015, Free Range 180 is a premium milk brand which is now available in shops and delivered to your door from Hanover Dairies.