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Dan Moylan Biography

Until he was on the radio, Dan entertained people by turning his eyelids inside out. We’d like to say Dan has the ability to entertain in different ways now… we really would…

Do you have a partner/children? 
My wife and I finally got married in 2013, after the best part of a decade together. Our daughter was born in 2008 and our son followed in 2011.

Do you have pets/like animals?
I have two gigantic drooly Newfoundland dogs. They’re like two humans dressed as bears.

Best childhood memory?
Being alive to watch Leeds United win the championship was amazing. I didn’t realise the scale of it at the time. If it ever happens again - which is highly unlikely! - I’ll probably party for a week.

Biggest celebrity you’ve ever met?
In terms of sheer worldwide fame, it’s One Direction or Coldplay - before either of them became huge. Speaking personally, I once gave Ian Brown (The Stone Roses) a lift to his hotel in my blue Rover Metro.

What’s your biggest accomplishment?
It's corny, but my kids have absolutely been the making of me. They’ve made me appreciate the sacrifices my own parents made for me.

What’s your Karaoke song of choice?
I sound like Mel C when I’m singing, so something by the Spice Girls would be safe-ish territory.