#DarkWeb - What Lies Beneath?

  • #DarkWeb - What Lies Beneath?

Picture this, you're at the beach, you dip your big toe into the water....

That water surrounding your toe is the normal internet, your online banking, shopping, social networks, basically the stuff you use every day.

The rest of the water in the sea, in the oceans around the world, that's the DarkWeb.

A vast quantity of untapped resources that not a lot of people know about, but with the right software is accessible on ANY computer.

Our reporter Micky Welch has spend the last year immersed in the Dark Web finding out who uses it, why they use it, and how it effects us in the North East.

First he's looking into the drugs trade. 

Micky also looked fraud and security issues.

Durham Police's High Tech Crime Unit gave Micky an insight into how paedophiles who're operating here in the North East are being brought to justice.

For a full comprehensive listen into the Dark Web, how it's affecting people here in the North East, but also what uses it has for good, here's Micky's full exclusive documentary.

#DarkWeb - What Lies Beneath?

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